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    Hello everyone!

    As per request, I’ll c/p Sally’s new announcement here, as some of the site’s funky coding makes it hard to read.

    The mods have persuaded me to give this one more try. The site costs $130 a month to run. We’re going to start doing donation drives. Over the coming weeks,…

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    sora-h said: Hey! Just wanna let you know that I'm one of your readers from Luna. I don't even watch Yu-Gi-Oh! or read it, but I love your fics so I read them... though I have pretty much little to no clue at all about Kaiba :'D I didn't think of it previously, but I just bookmarked your archiveofourown and livejournal links... so I hope you don't mind me following you on Tumblr too! Have a nice day :D

    Aha. Follow me anywhere you’d like! <3

    I’m actually surprised that you don’t know much about Kaiba! I totally write on the assumption that nobody would bother reading my work unless they liked Kaiba, so that’s actually a huge surprise (and very flattering! Thank you!).

    I do want to put out a warning though. I don’t use my Tumblr much, and then when I do use it, I tend to post random stuff from small fandoms. I keep thinking I should organize it… but then I get distracted…

    (Also, I sometimes don’t know what I’m doing on Tumblr. Whoops.)

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    Hello, everyone!

    So, as many of you already know, Sally has decided to close Lunaescence. (For those of you who didn’t know, see this announcement post.)

    The news has understandably been greeted with a lot of mixed feelings. No one wants to see the site come down, as it has become a home for…

  4. deliriousromantic said: So, I know that Luna is closing down, but I love your fics dearly and was hoping to find out where else you would be posting them.

    I’ll most likely be updating all my chaptered works with author’s notes (in an effort to get the word out) but as far as my work goes, I really only have one choice left.

    Archive of Our Own is a larger site, so it’s not as cozy and lovely as Luna, but it does allow reader inserts. I started cross-posting there about a year and a half ago, but mostly just to have my work backed up on a second site. I don’t like it as much as Luna, but at this point, I don’t have a choice.

    You can find me here: http://archiveofourown.org/users/DragonSilk
    I don’t have a lot up yet, but I’m going to try to get as much up as possible over the next month or so.

    If anyone has any other archives they’d like to see me on, feel free to suggest.

  5. omgyugiohfunny:

Yami b and Seto’s are the funniest in my opinion!


    Yami b and Seto’s are the funniest in my opinion!

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“Does the walker choose the path or the path choose the walker?” ― Garth Nix, Sabriel


    “Does the walker choose the path or the path choose the walker?” 
    ― Garth Nix, Sabriel

  7. Love, she thought, must come suddenly, with great outbursts and lightnings — a hurricane of the skies, which sweeps down on life, upsets everything, uproots the will like a leaf and carries away the heart as in an abyss.
    — Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert
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    The Hauntening

    I think, “Wait in confused,” IS pretty scary. >.>